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Affiliate FAQ

Can I still participate if I don’t have my own blog or website?
Yes! If your following is on social media, you can still apply affiliate links to Instagram and Facebook posts.

Do Affiliates get product discounts?
Yes! Once approved, you will receive a special “blogger” discount code. We love it when people try our products, and love it even more when our products inspire your next recipe.

Can I insert a link into my blog content?
We encourage this! You can generate multiple links, and a single link (URL) can be inserted (hyperlinked) directly into words or phrases in your blog post. If you’re using or love a particular product, feel free to talk about how you’re using it!  Plus, affiliates with strong content may be featured in the Olive & Heart e-newsletter.

What if I only communicate via Instagram?
No prob, just paste your link in the bio. In your text description, let followers know they can check out the product you like/used by visiting “link in bio”.

What are “cookies”?
When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, which then lands them on the Olive & Heart website – that link has your affiliate ID, which is stored in a “cookie” in the customer’s browser. That cookie makes it possible to track customers associated with your link so that you can earn a commission on their purchases. If a customer clears their browser cookies (clears cache), they’ve erased record of your affiliate link. This is why its good to create new or additional content as you go along.

Active and engaged affiliates may have their Affiliates cookie lifetime refreshed or extended for a longer period of time.

Is there room for growth?
It’s our goal to continuously find ways to provide more incentives and add value to your experience with Olive & Heart. We will do our best to create and communicate opportunities through the Affiliate newsletter.