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It gives us great joy to share simple, sustainably sourced ingredients for a comforting and satisfying meal with your friends and family.

Our olive oil selection is sourced from farmers who have long cared for olive trees and their fruit. Today Palestinian farmers are expanding on their traditions by cultivating and harvesting olive trees according to fair trade standards to produce beautiful bottles of organic, extra virgin olive oil with minimal environmental impact.

Many olive oils labeled “extra virgin” have been found to be mixed with other non-olive based oils such as soy or canola, watering down the taste of the original olive fruit. Delight your palate with a pure, “peppery” taste, a mark of low acidity in olive oil, with little more needed than your favorite fruits or vegetables. Toss, drizzle, sauté, grill or simply dip your favorite bread.

We also offer freekeh and hand rolled maftoul made in women-owned cooperatives in the West Bank. The Canaan Fair Trade products we feature are certified by Fair For Life, USDA Organic and the Fair Trade Federation, connecting farmers to the world, and customers closer to the source of their food.

We hope you enjoy discovering the many combinations of the ingredients we offer as much as we do.


These infusions are made from fruit, vegetables or herbs that have been “crushed” together with olives during the pressing stage. Unlike a flavoring or added essence, the natural oils in citrus fruits like lemon or leafy herbs such as basil are released, blending with the olive oil immediately for a longer lasting infusion.

Kick up any marinade with Crushed Chili Olive Oil or spice up a fish recipe, ranging from subtle to strong depending on the accompanying ingredients. The chili infusion is especially tasty in white fish recipes like rockfish (perch) or tilapia, whether you’re cooking with four ingredients or less, or making a more intensely layered dish. Use as an all-in-one replacement in recipes that call for extra virgin olive oil and chili pepper.

Crushed Basil Olive Oil is a crowd pleaser. Incorporate with fresh basil leaves for an aromatic pesto recipe, or use it to balance an arugula pesto with an understated basil flavor.  Drizzle over cheese for an impressive appetizer plate. Basil oil can be a lovely base for a summer vinaigrette with bitter greens, or tossed with a citrus fruit salad.

The Crushed Lemon Olive Oil includes both the peel and the flesh of the fruit, resulting in an olive oil uniquely suited for dessert recipes like ice creams, curds, or cakes.  It’s also a great addition to avocado toast, as well as dressings for salads, slaws or chilled seafood dishes.

Jenin and Nabali

Jenin and Nabali Olive Oils are distinguished by the different villages they originate in, which can vary in climate and soil.

Jenin, delicate yet peppery, is ideal for drizzling over labne or tossing with cucumbers and tomatoes with a little salt for a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast. Nabali has more floral notes, and may offer a less peppery kick than Jenin. Both are good for incorporating into soups or sauces, braising or grilling vegetables. If olive oil is essential to your kitchen, either of these are an excellent addition to your pantry.

Dry Pantry Staples

Maftoul is coarse when dry and chewy when boiled, a bit thicker than macaroni in consistency. It has a naturally toasted flavor from being sun dried. Easy to cook and absorb flavor, toss it with a few aromatics and extra virgin olive oil. You can also venture into making moghrabieh, a traditional Levantine dish inspired by North African cooking, or Maghreb, the Arabic word for Morocco as well as a reference to West North African countries.

Freekeh is a whole “ancient” grain. This particular wheat is harvested while still green, then roasted, sun dried and finally “cracked” to make it easy to cook. It’s high in fiber and also contains potassium. Make it alongside your preferred protein or veggies, or as a base to a traditional soup by the same name. Both maftoul and freekeh are also a hearty addition to any green salad.