Chili Olive Oil, Cold Pressed & Organic


Olive oil with a kick of chili pepper spice


Chili has been “crushed” with olives during the pressing stage,  blending immediately to produce a long lasting olive oil infusion.

Kick up any marinade with Crushed Chili Olive Oil or spice up a fish recipe, ranging from subtle to strong depending on the accompanying ingredients. The chili infusion is especially tasty in white fish recipes like rockfish (perch) or tilapia, whether you’re cooking with four ingredients or less, or making a more intensely layered dish. Use as an all-in-one replacement in recipes that call for extra virgin olive oil and chili pepper.

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Extra virgin olive oil made with finely selected Surri Olives. Crushed with chili peppers that offers a kick of spice to any recipe. USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade
9 in. tall, 250ml

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Dimensions 100 x 200 x 200 cm
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100ml, 250ml, 50ml


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