Green, flame roasted and hearty “ancient” grain


Freekeh is a supergrain in that it’s a form of wheat that has not been stripped of its nutrients. Freekeh is harvested while the wheat is still green, so the core grain is still moist and too immature to burn even after the wheat is fire roasted. Nutrients are preserved and the roasting method gives it a complex, slightly nutty flavor that can be enjoyed with as little added as salt and pepper, or just few spices like the recipe shared here.

Freekeh is high in fiber and protein and has become a popular ingredient for weight loss and nutrition plans for its appetite curbing effect. This Canaan Fair Trade box is certified USDA Organic, made in its purest form, free from chemicals in cooperative by farmers who have been harvesting and consuming the grain for generations. Besides nutritional value, freekeh is easy to make! Check out a video here, and enjoy with chicken or your preferred meat, or top it on a salad.


Flame roasted green wheat is protein rich with twice the fiber of quinoa; Organic and Fair Trade
250 g


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 4 cm

100ml, 250ml, 50ml


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