Jenin Organic & Fair Trade Olive Oil



“Peppery” extra virgin olive oil with sweet buttery finish

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Jenin Olive Oil offers a fresh green flavor, peppery but with a beautiful buttery finish; Organic and Fair Trade
16.9 oz (500ml)

Jenin has an unmatched taste among many extra virgin olive oils, excellent for savory cooking. The delicious taste of Jenin olive oil is derived from the green blend of both early and late harvested organic olives, cold-pressed without the use of chemicals. Among the Canaan Fair Trade bottles, this one has a strong peppery and grassy flavor from trees cultivated throughout the West Bank hills of Jenin for thousands of years. Gift a bottle of Jenin Olive Oil or include it among appetizers or a cheese plate at your next gathering for a taste and presentation that is sure to impress.

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