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From Our Old Shop to Candles

If this is your first visit to Olive & Heart, welcome!

First, if you are among those who have followed along this shop’s journey for some time, thank you for your support over the years. Every purchase, follow, collaboration and countless other ways that you participated in this shop's journey meant a lot and lit a fire in me many times over.

Second, you may noticed, Olive & Heart is now a candle shop.

The products we once sourced from social enterprises can still be found on their home shops. The mission-driven brands we featured like Canaan and Sitti remain highly recommended favorites. Though this shop is now dedicated to home fragrance, we hope to include the above and other like-minded brands in new ways in the future.  What remains is the same desire to provide thoughtfully made goods and offer gift options that offer meaning to you and to those you are gifting.

I don’t have the typical candlemaker’s story. I did not start off with a hobby that turned into a side hustle that turned into an e-commerce idea. I set out to create a product and brand that shares story and a sense of connection. And well, as they say "I like what I like" and wanted to offer what may not be readily available: products with clean, contemporary design that identify with Palestinian heritage as well as that bifurcated third culture experience. 

So, I dove deep into researching and testing wax types and fragrance oils that would result in a premium candle at a reasonable price point.  I know this is a saturated market, and yet the process of developing these candles has me so excited to finally share that I can't help but hang onto the idea "it's about the journey, not the destination." I invite you to follow along in that journey to discover new scents and make new connections together.

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