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Olive & Heart offers the first ever fairly traded olive oil. We feature a distinctive selection of extra virgin, certified organic olive oil as well as organic hand rolled pearl couscous, maftoul and a Palestinian staple and supergrain, freekeh. Our vision is to share quality products that generate a meaningful source of income to the farmers who produce them. Get to know more about
our products or visit our blog to stay connected.

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  • This olive oil is so pure compared to any other I’ve tried. I eat it alone with bread and cook with it regularly. It’s my favorite! ”

    Sarah Aly

  • I dipped hot French bread in a bowl of your oil as a snack – and no heartburn, which I usually get with olive oil. Low acidity! I need this oil in my life! I can finally eat zait and zatar with no regrets! ”

    Maysoun Assaf