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I hadn’t given much thought to scent until I moved to the east coast. Creating home in a new space can be clarifying, as was the search for home fragrances that could be both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

This candle collection is inspired as much by my memories as a Palestinian-American as by the sense of nostalgia inherently felt by Palestinians and others of MENA origin as a result of sharing and preserving story.

I hope these home accents offer way to connect with and acknowledge those stories and add a warm personal touch to your space.

Eco-Friendly & Vegan

Carefully crafted and hand poured in small batches, we use a vegan, apricot coconut wax blend, lending to a more luxurious looking candle.

Our core candle line is made with FSC-Certified wooden wicks. Wood wicks may take longer to replace due to a longer burn time, making them a slightly more sustainable option than candles with other wick types.

With naturally renewable, paraben and phthalate free wax ingredients, candles burn cleaner with less soot.

Inspired By

Memories rooted in Palestinian culture and experiences shared across the MENA region. With gourmand scents that highlight pantry staples like maa el zahr, orange blossom water, we are continuously seeking combinations that reinterpret classic scents.

Packaging Materials

In an effort to reduce plastic use, our packaging includes cardboard boxes purposefully designed with cutouts to secure jars in place. Additional cardboard padding is sourced from companies that use recycled content and post-consumer waste to produce their cardboard and kraft materials.  Though not all boxes are made from recycled content, they are still recyclable.

As glass is infinitely recyclable, our glass jars can be recycled as well as upcycled for further use.