Olive & Heart aims to combine the shopping experience with giving and awareness. Below are the organizations that have been supported or featured by Olive & Heart. 


Since 1968, American Near East refugee Aid (ANERA) has provided humanitarian assistance and sustainable development to advance the well-being of refugees and other vulnerable communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.  ANERA mobilizes resources for immediate emergency relief and for sustainable, long-term health, education, and economic development. 


The Migrant Kitchen Initiative (TMK) provides restaurant quality meals to families in need.  While TMK is tackling hunger by making sure the most food insecure have access to healthy meals, the initiative also supports migrants from around the world in their kitchens to share their culture through the delicious meals they serve to communities in need. 


The Tiyya Foundation is an award-winning 501 (c)(3) organization working to impact refugee families in Southern California. Tiyya has led the charge in supporting thousands of refugee families through innovative education, arts, and recreation programs. The Tiyya Foundation focuses on core programs centered around healthier childhoods after displacement & college readiness.


The Land of Canaan Foundation (LOCF) supports farm communities and village based cooperatives for economic security in Palestine through workshops, training and educational programs dedicated to empowering farm families and their communities.